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FINAL POST! The Hollywood Garage is now CLOSED…

Ok, that sounds final. And it is. BUT… there’s a Silver Lining, folks!

Yes FTHG is closed, but welcome the ALL NEW FIREBALL TIM SITE! Now, it’s coming together over the next week or two, but you can go there now and RE-SUBSCRIBE to the blog for starters! Get the best in Automotive Hollywood PLUS, as I previously stated…


And to start it off… this afternoon will be an ALL NEW Ride Along Episode.

So, Adios FTHG and Hallaloooooya FT! Cars, Movies……… and Cool.

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TOTAL RECALL best shots so far…

Yea, the buzz is high for TR. And it should be because the trailer looks badass. Although the images here are cool, the question remains, will the story be good? One rumor is that they don’t go to Mars. That could be good,… or bad. We’ll see, but my blahoogas are crossed…

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WRATH OF THE TITANS Concept Art by The Aaron Sims Company…

Great stuff from WRATH OF THE TITANS. Have you seen it yet??

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Birthday 47 was all about GRATITUDE…

Wow, what a great Birthday. Along with the overwhelming Birthday Wishes from Facebook (over 300!), the day was filled with one great thing after the next, all culminating at the Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood. We had a blast as my son and his girlfriend snuck in for the surprise. The food was awesome and once dinner was over, a song suddenly appeared over the loudspeaker screaming, “Hey, hey, It’s your Birthday!!!!!” and the whole place went into Rock N’ Roll Mode! Everyone sang and some serious Chocolate Mousse suddenly appeared! It was awesome…

So many thanks are in order, especially to my wife Kathie for her great day of fun. My gift is an upcoming trip to San Francisco with Fireball Pop. And we’re taking the Jaguar XJL Supersport, courtesy of Jaguar. (Yes, of course we’re filming Episode 2 of Ride Along, silly.) And thanks especially for telling our Trainer Ray that it was my Birthday during our work-out. It nearly ensured that 48 never comes…. whew.

Birthdays are meant to be joyous. But, don’t save the joy for one day. Choose to be in joy every day. And watch the chain-link of joyous events occur. It’s cool.

Thanks, everyone!!!

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It’s ma BIRTHDAY!!!!

Oh, yes. It’s my Birthday today… being April 3rd. And for my Birthday, I’d like to thank all of you…

I hit 47 like a mouse to a cookie. Like a Sow Bug to an Eclair, like a Piggy to a Poop Trough. (Ok, that was too much.) BUT! For my Birthday, I want EVERYONE… AND I MEAN EVERYONE, to go out and celebrate! Only, I want you to buy a cookie for someone you love. Anyone. Share it, eat it, enjoy it and celebrate that cookies are made to make you feel awesome.

The point? TODAY IS AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Cookies are POWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there. Take THAT you baaaaaad monster, you!!

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Hollywood Garage is NO MORE…

Yup. You read it right. As of next week, The Hollywood Garage will be dissolved… BUT, it’s only because something really BIG is coming. And there’s no room for this BIGNESS.

Now,  you can expect some great and new changes happening this week and next. For an example, you may see the Fireball Tim Website go down for a bit. But when it goes back up, all that was cool about it… and all that was cool about The Hollywood Garage site will be in one place. For good. And that’…

Car and Movie NEWS, Cool Designs, and Kick-Ass Blog, New Show Content and Great New Products. Everything you need to get your day started in a positive way. Fun, Wacky and Entertaining.

So strap on your four-point harness, ’cause 2012 is the YEAR OF CHANGE. And there’s only one place that’s about to blow the coolfactor on it’s ear. I hope you’ll join me in PLANETARY DOMICOOLNESS…

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UPDATES: Man of Steel Banner and Avengers Flying AirCraft Carrier

Summer movies are shaping up. SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL has released what looks like they’re official banner and a new AVENGERS photo exposes a Flying AirCraft Carrier! I WANT THAT!

‘Course… if the AirCraft Carrier flies…. then why do they need planes, duh? WHATEVER!

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Now, the truth comes out about traffic. Thanks Fireball Pop, for sending…

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WATCH! CARSHORTS Episode 3 features MINI vs. a THING?

What kind of THING? Watch and see…

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Weird-ass rides from Joe McCarthy…

Some designers really push the envelope of concept. And Joe is a driving force here. They border on manic insanity, but are fun to look at and ponder. He has no rules as to what automotive concept is or should be. And the result is something out of a wild dream. Check ‘em out…

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